Thinking about renting your house, villa or a boat as a retreat place?

If you are thinking about renting your house, villa or a boat as a retreat place this is what you should have in mind.

Retreat visitors are very often solo travellers and usually prefer staying in a single room, so the more rooms, the better. Double rooms should have 2 separate beds. Ensuite bathrooms are a big plus. The more, the better applies here too.

One bigger outside area is needed for practice. This is usually an open space so think about securing privacy for the retreat guests.

Retreat guests love to practice outside, but sometimes this will not be possible, due to bad weather or some other reasons. Think about a back-up plan in case of rain or bad weather. There should be one room big enough to fit all the guests for their practice.

Dining area should also be large and comfortable enough to fit all the guests at the same time as food and meals are of great importance for retreat visitors. Living areas should be cosy and spacious.

The house should have all the amenities a vacation rental has in terms of the comfort it offers the guests.

If you have doubts on whether your house or villa would be a good retreat please contact us and we can help you with it.

If you own a boat, it should have several cabins to host a retreat on it. Space is very often limited on boats so here we are talking about catamarans, larger monohulls or gullet type boats.