What we do and how we get it done

We design and develop high-quality wellness workshops for destination management companies and professional conference organizers (DMC and PCO) to complement their incentives, conferences, and special events.
We provide impactful support for successful retreat planning, development, branding and sales, helping wellness trainers and teachers to stand out in the wellness industry.


With our unique understanding of the wellness tourism market, we’ve developed special expertise to creatively pair the right wellness experts with the right event, aligning it with the client’s objectives.

We design tailor-made workshops for destination management specialists and conference companies that can complement and give extra value to incentives, conferences, and special events. Wouldn’t your clients enjoy serene morning yoga, an hour of meditation or an evening of fun while learning tango?

We facilitate wellness experiences and workshops for clients requiring yoga, meditation, nutrition, tango and other short-term wellness workshops. WellMe is responsible for booking savvy wellness professionals and the whole logistics process to make sure that our experienced practitioners deliver workshops that are customized to the needs and desires of your clients. This includes tailoring workshops to different ages and genders, professional areas of work or lifestyles.

Our wellness professionals are coaches, nutritionists, integrative body-oriented professionals, personal trainers, corporate trainers, meditation instructors, yoga teachers, and representatives of other holistic wellness fields, carefully chosen according to their professionalism, expertise, experience in providing retreats, workshops and online programs.

Wellness is a lifestyle, and this makes it an attractive business opportunity for travel sellers. This sort of vacations can revitalize some of the products agents already sell. Also, by planning a trip associated with affirmative, life-changing experiences, the travel agent becomes a significant part of that powerful memory.

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If you are considering HOSTING YOUR OWN RETREAT, WellMe will guide you in clarifying the best way to plan and develop your unique retreat and teach you step-by-step how to create a memorable experience for your clients.

Together we create impactful retreat programs to make your clients’ experiences unforgettable and unique.

We can find the best location for you – in Croatia, which is full of beautiful locations. Islands such as Vis, Hvar, the Elaphites, Mediterranean cities such as Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar, fairy-tale landscapes of Istria and serene Slavonia offer luxury villas, boutique hotels, but also simple solutions that still provide everything you need. Almost every location offers additional attractions that will enrich the carefully designed retreat program.

We can create all the necessary information for your retreat. Experienced visitors expect programs that are well crafted for them and through which they can deepen their knowledge and skills, while beginners enjoy being immersed in a unique, new experience. That is why it is important to plan for and manage the expectations of your clients.

Professional, welcoming, friendly and supportive environments are necessary for the client to want to come back again. Therefore, we provide you with a detailed logistic and communication plan that helps you manage all of the stages of your retreat, from gathering personal information and getting to the site, through exploring additional contents such as excursions and explorations, to the mutual closure of the new and authentic experience.


Wellnes Branding
Wellness branding, unlike other types of tourism, includes elements of health and well-being that are by nature very personal and sensitive elements, that can be trickier to manage.

In wellness tourism, trust is crucial. Clients come to retreats because they trust the instructor and they want something more than a beautiful experience and memories. They want an increased sense of self, and of their personal strength and well-being. They want new skills that fit well into their everyday life, as well as a sense of balance and harmony. Thus, the risks associated with this type of service while traveling are more significant than for other types of travel, resulting in a marketing approach that is specialized and customized for each retreat.

At the same time, retreat is a group experience, hence it implies defining a pre-determined retreat date and marketing and sales activities.

In order to bring your wellness retreat to your ideal audience and to make a successful sale we will:

Create a marketing & branding plan that defines your brand: brand essentials (what is it about?), values ​​(what does it stand for?), benefit (what can it offer?), personality (the behavior of the brand)

Define your ideal audience

Create templates, messages and visuals for your retreat websites, and create a plan and content for social media releases

Define the package, distribution, and pricing