Digital detox

We live in a world surrounded by screens. We all have smartphones, tablets, TVs, navigation systems in our cars, computers, laptops. The last thing we see before we fall asleep is a smartphone screen. The first thing we see when we wake up is a smartphone screen. And not only that, we carry this screen with us all day long. The constant exposure to screens can bring you a lot of stress but also bad posture, neck pain and headaches.

If you can relate to any of the following, digital detox is something that could do you good.

…you feel you spend too much time looking at your screens…

…you feel like you are too available or worse, always available…

…you spend time with people and try to talk to them and you feel they pay more attention to their smartphones than to you…

…you have lunches with your business partners that are constantly interrupted…

…your friend checks her phone constantly while having dinner with you..

…your Tinder date keeps looking at his or her phone instead at you…

Digital detox is time free from using any digital or electronic devices and engaged in social interactions, activities and relaxation. Digital detox is what could help bring more distraction-free time while waiting for the much needed change in social values and etiquette.

Try these small steps to get yourself detoxed:

Put your phone away while you are having lunch or dinner with friends. Even the sight of the phone on the table means you are anticipating a ring or ping.

Do not bring any screens to your bedroom (buy an alarm clock).

Use only one screen at a time.

Turn off as many push notifications as you can live without.

Use more paper – to read and to write.

Keep your phone out of sight and reach when you are driving.

Do not eat at your desk. Have a lunch break outside.

Do your best to give people your undivided attention.