We are a team of travel, marketing, finance and communication experts devoted to a holistic lifestyle and passionate about transformative travel.


We believe in the power of travel to touch, move and change each individual so we design, market and organize holistic workshops and retreats, in order to create a true link between travelers and destinations.


The transformative travel, based on integrated approach to wellness travel provides life-changing experiences such as eco and adventure activities, fitness, healthy eating, integrative medicine, spa and beauty, mind-body and spiritual activities (yoga, tai chi, meditation) as well as life coaching and retreats.

As the wellness travel was traditionally seen narrowly as medical tourism, confined to few health and spa resorts, we have created the new integrated approach that expands wellness travel to preventive actions focused on optimizing health. By doing so in our programs we cover different aspects of physical, emotional, environmental, social and spiritual wellness.




Ivana has a long career in travel as an independent travel specialist for a large Croatian destination management company, where she created and coordinated individual and group travel arrangements, represented the company at international expos, organized familiarization trips for existing and prospective business partners. Born and raised in Croatia, Ivana speaks English, German, French and Italian, little Turkish and Mandarin and would not get lost in Spain either. Needless to say, she loves to travel, and is great at creating travel plans (sometimes last-minute) and attractive itineraries. She enjoys sailing, hiking and photography. She has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years.